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Make 2021 the Year You Renew Your Pelvic Floor

I would prefer to not start this article reminiscing about 2020 and all that it was. All I will say is that challenging events, situations, times...all have in them opportunity. Whatever we choose to make of it.

We are always in a position to make choices. This article is about choices for our pelvic floor health.

Do you know that your pelvic floor health is impacted by posture? sports? age? childbearing? food/drink?...and...affects both women and men?

2021 can be the year you pay attention to your pelvic floor health no matter what your age, gender, or activity level.

Those that suffer from pelvic floor issues know how it impacts their daily lives. Perhaps by leaking urine or painful sex. Perhaps dealing with organ prolapse or constipation. Some people experience hip and or back pain and don't even realize that a contributing factor may be pelvic floor dysfunction.

No matter what your age or gender taking the time to enhance your pelvic floor health and function is a winning scenario. There are simple at home exercises that work to contract/release the pelvic floor muscles specifically (think Kegals, but in all directions) and exercises that work to contract/release the surrounding pelvic floor area and functionally integrate the rest of the body with the pelvic floor itself. Weekly practice can yield great benefits with little effort and no pain.

All you need is to make up your mind and have a little determination to make 2021 the year to help your pelvic floor. With a floor and a mat you can have great success.

If you have pelvic floor issues, check out for our full program and special mini programs for specific pelvic floor issues.

We can help you today!

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"The Lift Program" was developed by Silvana Man and Celeste Zopich. The company offers a full program for pelvic floor health and specialized mini programs for C-Section, Athletes, Incontinence, Constipation, Diastasis-Recti, Prolapse, and Motherhood. Visit for more information.

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