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July awareness for Diastasis Recti -Everything you need to know about effective practices 😊

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

What is diastasis recti - abdominal separation?

In a diastasis recti there is a rectus muscle dysfunction that is characterized by the distancing of both sides of the muscle and the expansion of the line passing through its center.

This white line is called the Linea Alba.

Men can also have a diastasis recti, especially if they are overweight or overly muscular in the abdomen.

How can I check?

In order to check for a diastasis you would check about 3 cm above and below the navel.

Is it dangerous?

In the past a diastasis was considered a pathological condition and it was thought that it may cause harm or danger to the woman.

Today it is clear that it is only a cosmetic matter and is not dangerous!!

Contributing Factors:

  1. Genetic - an over elasticity of the connective tissues of the whole body. Women that have this genetic issue with the connective tissues are more prone to both diastasis and prolapse.

  2. Large pregnancy - obesity, large fetus, multiple pregnancy, diabetes) on a small body

  3. Method of Delivery - lying down, long birth, pushing incorrectly during childbirth)

  4. Multiple births

  5. Narrow pelvis and frontal pregnancy

(Factors 2 to 5 have not been confirmed in research, so it is not clear whether they really contribute. Only the genetic factor has been confirmed from a research standpoint).

Recommended Exercise for Diastasis Recti:

Research indicates that simple crunches are the most effective exercise for diastasis.

Plank exercises, although wonderful for stability and strength, are less recommended with this specific condition because the focus is on the transversus abdominis and can widen the separation as opposed to narrow it.

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