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Do You Leak Urine? Who Knew? Pelvic Floor Issues Can Come From Misalignment

Updated: Sep 26, 2020


It's true! 🤷‍♀️

Pelvic floor issue can arise for many different reasons. Some of these reasons include pregnancy and childbirth, aging, and intense sports activities. But, who would think pelvic floor issues can come from misalignment?

I would like to tell you about "Client C". She was in her early 30s, was active, and didn't have any children. During one of her sessions she confided in me that she had a problem with "leaking" urine. She said she had gone to many doctors and none could find a medical issue for her problem. As a high level professional that traveled a lot, this problem was really a problem that she wanted fixed. She wanted a diagnosis and a solution, not a band-aid.

As we continued to work together, I began to talk to her about her alignment. We looked at how her feet connected to the ground (collapsed inward), how her legs stood in gravity (collapsed inward), how her pelvis was situated (slightly rotated), how her spine aligned (extra tight in the low back and neck), how her shoulders hung (gripped up to her ears), and how her breathing functioned (gripped in the diaphragm and shallow in the chest).

This, however, is the picture of the body to an instructor that is looking at the body in this way. We look at the bones and how they hang or align and then at how the muscles and soft tissues support or fail to support the structure. We look at what is tight and what is weak. We look at what over-works and what is "off duty".

To anyone else looking at "Client C", she is a put together, elegant, strong woman.

As we worked and "Client C" was aware of her alignment during our lessons, she began to make slow and steady changes in the structure she was living in. She dedicated 1x per week in the studio setting and then did some homework exercises on her own. It did not take long for her to start to have changes. The changes she was looking for! One day she came into her lesson and said to me, "I think I'm imagining things, but could my leaking be getting better". I said, "Absolutely". She wasn't totally convinced, but continued the work. As the weeks passed she came in and said, "I am definitely not imagining it. It is working. I am not leaking."

For this client specifically we worked on her whole body - but there was a specific area of tension and misalignment on one side of her body around the pelvis where her hip jammed into her socket and gripped her low back. As this area release she began to have the greatest success.

This is a wonderful and powerful story of how movement can heal.

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