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Accessories, tips and other great things to help you practice and get the best results!!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Today We are going to just give you some tips and pointers on Little Bits that can help you with the programs either during the whole program or any of our mini programs. And these are just some awareness ideas and maybe some helpful tools or Props that you can use.

A jar of tips
tips for best results

Balloon \ strew

So the first thing we'll talk about are just some of the breathing tools.

So we do a lot of breathing reference in the practice and in some cases, we will use a balloon.

Sometimes we're just breathing and for some people the balloon might be too difficult to do, because it really requires very strong ability to exhale, so you can use the straw to breathe in through the nose and then out through the straw.

Any of the breathing exercises we're doing even if we're not calling for accessorys you can use a straw because it will encourage deeper exhalation, especially for those who are not really accessing the full use of their diaphragm or are a little stuck.

Pillow / towels

Something else that is very helpful is using a pillow or rolled out towels.

you can use roll of towels.

But for some people they're going to need a little pillow under their neck to create a better natural alignment because of their overhead position, if they're too stiff.

as you continue to do the practice that should soften up.

For those that have prolapse we're going to put something under the hips and that can be enough to raise the pelvis and create a little tilt that brings the organs Into the cavity of the pelvis, and toward the rib cage.

And you can also use wedges in this case. there are different varieties and there are pillows that come in the shape of the wedge, but you can use wedges like this and you can place these also under the back of the hip bones to creating a little more of a connection.

sometimes people need them on the side or if they're on the stomach. when you roll onto your side we generally are queuing resting the head on the arm, but for some people their head is still going to be hanging over and out of alignment. So in that case we can add a pillow.

White pillows
Pillows for improving posture

Lying on the stomach - sometimes people have excessive tension in their lower back and they can't lay on their stomach without feeling a tremendous gripping in their lower back.

they can't do any of the other exercises that we suggest without having too much gripping. that will ease up with the practice of the program, but we do sometimes need to put something under the hips and In this case again, you could use wedges to just allow a little more support so that the back is more relaxed, we can also use a pillow under the pelvis for some people that pose is really really comfortable.

One more suggestion and this is actually for somebody who might have some form of bone Frailty. Osteoporosis something to that effect.

They may also not want to be putting pressure on there Rib cage in the front. So in that case you can also put a pillow under the ribs and there's a little extra cushioning and if we're doing something like chest lift or the hover you're having a cushion.

Ankle and foot

Feet are a really integral part of the work that we do and sometimes we have no awareness. So somebody might be lying on the back with legs bent and his foot might be rolled out too much or go in too much or they can't really be on the whole foot.

even if your legs are stretched out thay might be hanging out sideways or it might be overly pointed and really tight In the ankle.

A woman's feet with red nail polish
ankle and foot awareness

Be mindful of the position of your ankle and foot.

you really need to pay attention to it, it is just as much a part of every aspect of detail of what we're doing as anything else and that's whether you're standing or laying down, Eagle on your stomach or on your side.

Sometimes when we are on the side the foot will kind of turn in while lifting the knee up and you won't even know that that's happening. it actually is counterproductive to what we're trying to achieve.

Even when you're on the stomach you want to pay attention to the feet.

A small ball

we also use a small ball sometimes.

you'll notice that it's very hard for some people to close their knees and to maintain that position.

So you have options where you can actually take a towel or a pillow and use that when we're doing the position So you have a little more feedback. you can use a softball which we used to sit on in the diastasis recti program and that gives you support the and more feedback as well.

Yoga mattress, small ball and rubber band
a small ball for feedback

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