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A reason why I have to pee all the time 😉- Cold🥶🥶 Induced Diuresis!

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

“Is it normal that I have to pee all the time when it is cold out?”, is a regularly asked question by many. The answer is, YES.

When it is cold out our body experiences something called “Cold Induced Diuresis”.

What this simply means is that there is an increase of urine caused by the cold and you actually have to pee more frequently.

When it is cold out the body has its own way of preserving heat. It is the body’s natural way to try to prevent hypothermia. Now we may not live in the Arctic Tundra, but when we experience cold, the body automatically behaves this way. When the body temperature begins to drop there is a constricting of the blood vessels that happens to reduce blood flow to the skin in an attempt to keep the internal organs warm. With the there is also a rise in blood pressure. When the kidney as an organ is one that has to work harder when it is cold because it has to filter more blood than normal because the blood pressure has risen and there is more blood pumping though the body. The result is the production of more urine and therefore the feeling and need to pee more. It is not recommended to hold this pee in or try to “strengthen” your bladder. It is a normal body reaction and you need to eliminate as soon as you are able to prevent urinary tract infection.

Remember that drinking more liquids is not the cause of having to pee more when it is cold. It is advised to continue to drink room temperature water and non caffeinated or carbonated beverages when it is cold out. Also know that there are other causes of the overall condition called “Diuresis” (having to pee more) that are not cold induced. These include some medications, diuretics, diet, and a condition called Hypercalcemia (which is a condition where there is too much calcium circulating in the body).

The take away is that it is perfectly normal to have to pee more when it is cold out, so relax and honor your body by relieving it when necessary!

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